Why do I write?

While I could give some high-minded answer as to why I write to this blog, the simple truth is that it serves primarily as an arena for my thoughts. Knowing that what I write has the potential to be read, judged, and commented upon forces me to carefully think through and articulate what it is that I believe.

This most often takes the form of a sort of gladiatorial battle between competing ideas and thoughts, each taking blows at the other, whittling away until a victor becomes apparent. There have been times that I have erased what I’ve written and started over completely due to the outcome of these battles.

I view my posts more as short papers or articles than chronological posts. I will occasionally reread what I’ve written after it has been published and make small corrections or tweaks, so if there is one that you like don’t be alarmed if it reads a little different later on.

Lastly, for those who do read, judge, and comment on my writings, thank you, and I’m happy that they were able to make you think about the subject and, whether you agreed with me or not, spurred you to put in to words your own ideas, thoughts and feelings.

If any one reads what I’ve written and receives some kind of spiritual edification from it, know that it is not because of me, but only because God has blessed you with a certain openness and has used that to reach out to you.

Glory to you, our God!

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