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…for your heart has become a throne of God.

Something I believe that we Christians raised in the West (and especially those raised in the Protestant West) are not taught to be aware of value to be found in having a 2,000 year old history behind our faith.  If we were to pay more attention to this history then we would find that everything we struggle with has already been struggled over, every question we have has already been answered, and the narrow path we are trying to walk has been walked by numerous holy men and woman before us, some who’s names have been lost to history but some who the Church has recognized as exemplifying the holy life and dedication to God. We can learn so much from these holy saints if only we listen. One piece of advice comes from a recent saint who died in the early 1900s:

Photograph of St. Nektarios

Seek God daily. But seek Him in your heart, not outside it. And when you find Him, stand with fear and trembling, like the Cherubim and Seraphim, for your heart has become a throne of God. But in order to find God, become humble as dust before the Lord, for the Lord abhors the broud; whereas He vists those that are humble in heart, wherefore He says: ‘To whom will I look, but to the one who is meek and humble in heart?’

Eastern Orthodoxy is not an intellectual faith, though the Orthodox Church has nurtured some of the greatest theologians that Christianity has ever known; Orthodoxy is an experiential faith, a faith that you <i>live</i>.  You have to actively seek God out yourself; He’s not going to come to you, but waits eagerly for you to find Him. The Saints, like St. Nektarios, show us <i>how</i> to find God. St. Nektarios is telling us here that the most important step to take when seeking out God is to humble ourselves. To recognize that even though here on earth we have (God given) dominion over all the plants and animals, before God we are as specks of dust.

When we restrict our pride, when we push it out of our heart, we make room to receive the grace of God. As Christians we claim to have faith that Christ made right the Ancient Curse and that God exists and loves us. Instead of merely saying that though, if we really truley believe it, then we change our selves and how we live. We will change ourselves to conform to the will of God. We will get rid of our evil desires and learn to control our passions so that when God chooses to make Himself known to us He will find us undistracted and able to feel His touch and hear His voice. When you feel the touch of God and receive the Holy Spirit and are filled with Grace, then you will know you have found God and just like the Cherubim and the Seraphim, six-winged and many eyed, you can stand before the throne of God, singing the victory hymn, crying out and saying: Holy, holy, holy are you our God!

St. Nektarios