A Wondrous Creation

It’s quite easy for us to get caught up in our own lives and our own surroundings. They are, after all,  what is immediately available to us. I think it does us good however to remember that God created more than just our planet, and that our planet is but a tiny speck in the grand scale of the cosmos. As I write this the 2012 transit of Venus across the face of the sun has just ended and I am filled with a mixture of sadness, regret and profound wonder. I am sad because this is the last time that we will witness this transit for another 105 years. I am regretful of the fact that my son, not yet 8 months old, will not be able to experience this. In fact, it probably won’t be witnessed again until my great-great-grandchildren are walking this planet. And lastly, I am filled with a profound wonder at the scale of the cosmos and this wondrous creation of the Pantokrator – the King of the Universe and the Almighty God.

Below are a series of pictures that I took during the first hour of the transit. The small dots scattered across the center of the sun are sun spots, and you can see Venus begin its journey in the upper left corner. The transit took about six hours to complete. I viewed the transit through a spotting scope pointed towards the sun, and the image was projected on to a piece of paper held below the eyepiece. Keep in mind that this tiny dot, only 3% the size of the sun in these images, is roughly the same size as our own planet. Glory to you, O God and glory to your works!

(The haze in this image was caused by clouds starting to pass overhead)

(The odd shape of the solar disk in some of these images is not from the sun itself, but from the angle that the paper it was projected on to was held, or the angle of my camera when taking them.)


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