A short update, and plans for the future

Although it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here, I just wanted to let any who are interested know that I am still alive, and do still have plans for this blog!

Life has been quite hectic over the past year or two. After the miscarriage of my daughter mentioned in the previous post, God has blessed my wife and I with another child, and Elijah Zachary was born October 15, 2011. He is an absolute joy and becoming a first time parent has done a lot to open my eyes to see the image of God in others.

Also, this fall I plan on attending Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Theological Seminary in Brookline, MA.


The ultimate plan is to be ordained a priest in the Greek Orthodox Church of America, but as always, that is up to God!  Please pray for myself and my family as we undertake this new journey and stage in our lives.

Once school starts I imagine that this blog will begin to be updated again. Stay tuned, and remember to always praise the Most High!


2 responses to “A short update, and plans for the future

  • Sasha

    Congratulations on the son! We got our 3rd in the same week. 🙂
    God bless!

  • Mathew Kakis

    Christ is Risen dear Brother!
    May you and your precious wife enjoy your beautiful son and may you dance at his grandchildren’s wedding. Remember your daughter rests in our Lord’s Kingdom and you will see her in His Glory some day. Rejoice in your time at Holy Cross as His Vineyard has much labor ahead.

    In His Love Always,


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